Types of Classes

Taught by Anne Rundle, MS, RN, RYT-200 unless otherwise noted

Private/Individual classes are great for people whose bodies want individual attention - if you are totally new to Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi and want to learn on your own, or recovering from an injury, or coping with a chronic illness that warrants a customized class.  Classes can take place in the Asteya yoga studio or in your home.  Private sessions cost $40 per hour or 3/$100.00

Vinyasa I, Vinyasa II: Perfect for all levels, the class helps you to stretch, de-stress, and take a little "me" time. Incorporating mindfulness practice, the class follows a gentle yet invigorating flow of stretching and strengthening poses.  The AM classes will leave you refreshed and ready for the day, the PM classes practically guarantee a great night’s sleep!

Mat Pilates with Sandy Kiley:  Pilates is a conditioning routine that helps to build flexibility, muscle strength, and all-over endurance, emphasizing spinal and pelvic alignment breathing, and core strengthening. We add variety and challenge with the use of props such as light weights and small balls.

Power yoga is a 75-minute combination of stretching, strengthening, and kick-butt yoga poses that focus on the breath, core tightening, and all over toning. You will be destressed, relaxed yet refreshed and invigorated, and a little sore the next morning!

Kickasana!! is a 75-minute kick-butt combo of cardio pumping kickboxing and intermediate yoga.  An awesome workout, where we work up a sweat and then cool down with yoga.

Tai Chi with Petra Horgan: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise. Sometimes referred to as "meditation in motion,"  it is a series of dance-like movements in conjunction with deep breathing. The typical class will include gentle warm-up exercises moving slowly and focusing on correct body alignment. The goal in Tai Chi is to move your body through the postures in a relaxed and mindful way.